Student Government Organization – SGO

Michigan Islamic Academy’s Student Government Organization is comprised of some of our most dedicated and enthusiastic students. These student leaders are elected by their classes to represent them in weekly meetings. They aim to foster school pride and provide activities for the students throughout the year.

Some of the events they have held in the past years include:

  • Girls’ Lock-In
  • Earth Day
  • Spirit Day
  • Spring Clean Up at Lily Park
  • Spring Clean Up at the Salvation Army
  • Nature’s Vision Environmental Fundraiser
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
  • Assist with various school events

SGO’s faculty advisor is Sr. Bayane Alem. Please contact her with questions, comments or concerns.

SGO Members by Grade:

President: Osama Habeel
Vice President: Maria Tout
Secretary: Sara Baghdadi
Treasurer: Sarah Chamdin
12th Grade Representatives: Haniya Zafar and Abdisalam Sharif
11th Grade Representatives: Mubarra Shahid and Rayhan Ahsan
10th Grade Representatives: Amina Jaffer and Yusuf Abudiab
9th Grade Representatives: Salma Hamamy and Yusuf Egal
8th Grade Representatives: Noor Al-Regib and Hamza Albatanieh
7th Grade Representatives: Huda Al-Regib and Yusuf Hashem
6th Grade Representatives: Iyas Musallam and Marwa Bissada