Semester Exam Schedule

Asalamu Alaikum Dear Students and Parents;

The semester exam schedule is not available to download.

Please note that dismissal will be at 12:30 Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday. Transportation services will be running, leaving the school at 12:45 each day. On Thursday, after the first exam session, students will have a make-up period,  or optional gym time until 12:30. If parents wish to pick up a student after 10:30, and before 12:30 please call the office to excuse your child for Thursday only.  All students must be picked up by 12:45 each day.

Friday January 26, 2018 is Educational Day, with a planned program of speakers and activities for students.  The normal Friday times (8:30 to 2:30) apply. Transportation will br running as usual.


PTO Notes and NEWS




Mission statement- To support and strengthen the highest quality education and Islamic character by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers and promoting a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm.
1. To encourage and foster communication and cooperation among the parents and teachers so as to create an environment to assist each child in achieving their maximum potential.
2. To promote quality educational and enrichment character development programs for the children by developing a united effort between educators, parents, and the community.
3. To assist the staff in the staff in the development and implementation of activities and programs for an optimal learning experience furthering the success of our children.
4. To promote volunteer programs and resources for the school.
5. To raise funds as needed to provide for all the above objectives.

To contact the PTO,

with comments, concerns questions or your wish to volunteer –

please email:


PTO CALENDAR 2017-2018

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