Our Mission is:

To Provide Excellence in Education while Nurturing Muslim character

Our Goals Are:

  • To teach in a way that educates spiritually, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
  • To provide skilled instruction at an academic level necessary for worldly success.
  • To strive for excellence, social awareness, and responsibility through involvement in the community.
  • To instill the attributes of integrity, citizenship, service and diversity in our children by providing Islamic Character education.

Michigan Islamic Academy is committed to providing a dual curriculum of excellence in secular and Islamic Studies, to prepare students for leadership in the Muslim community, the greater Ann Arbor area and beyond. MIA provides instruction for students from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th grade. The value of the MIA experience is evident in the faces of our students. Enthusiasm, joy, and optimism are nurtured here in a learning community, which encourages students to develop their personal interests and inspires them to reach their potential. Exceptional faculty place the needs of the children first in the classroom
as they make use of creative and effective styles and strategies that capitalize on the different ways that students learn, individually and collaboratively. Our students achieve to the highest of standards, gaining acceptance to some of our state’s finest colleges and universities. Our alumni enter the professional world prepared to lead with sensitivity, creativity, and insight. Together, their accomplishments bear testimony to the education they received at Michigan Islamic Academy, enabling them with confidence to be successful and productive members of the society while embracing the values of Islam.

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  •  Our Goal:  To develop and environment in which our children can flourish Islamically and benefit the community.

    Our plan is to extend our current facility with a new section of building to the north.   We have started, building a detention basin, as required by the city of Ann Arbor. This is underground and the parking lot is freshly paved over it. In order to make room for the construction, the trailer has been moved to the north and electric, water, sewer, and internet connections have been established.

    In the process of preparing for the foundation, a section of DTE electric line was found to be misplaced. DTE is currently taking care of this and once they are finished, we will be ready to lay the foundation, which is expected to be finished by the end of January.  While we wait for the weather to warm up, we intend to finalize arrangements for the new science lab and updated computer lab.

    The rest of the construction schedule is as follows:

    Foundation            15 days        Mon 1/6/14        Fri 1/24/14
    Masonry                45 days        Mon 3/17/14      Fri 5/16/14
    Plumbing              109 days      Mon 3/24/14      Thu 8/21/14
    Electrical                109 days      Mon 3/24/14      Thu 8/21/14
    H.C. Plank Floor    80 days        Mon 2/3/14        Fri 5/23/14
    Mechanical           64 days        Mon 5/26/14      Thu 8/21/14
    Roof, Joists, Deck 30 days        Mon 4/21/14      Fri 5/30/14
    Windows               30 days        Mon 4/28/14      Fri 6/6/14
    Doors                     30 days        Mon 4/28/14      Fri 6/6/14
    Fire Suppression  30 days        Mon 6/2/14        Fri 7/11/14
    Fire Alarm             30 days        Mon 6/9/14        Fri 7/18/14
    Landscaping          15 days        Mon 5/19/14      Fri 6/6/14
    Playground            15 days        Mon 7/7/14        Fri 7/25/14
    Interior                  54 days        Mon 6/9/14        Thu 8/21/14
    Final Inspection    0 days           Fri 8/22/14         Fri 8/22/14
    Remove Portable 5 days           Fri 8/22/14         Thu 8/28/14
    Waste Enclosure  10 days        Fri 8/29/14         Thu 9/11/14

    Masonry                   45 days          Mon 3/17/14          Fri 5/16/14
    Plumbing                109 days          Mon 3/24/14         Thu 8/21/14
    Electrical                109 days          Mon 3/24/14         Thu 8/21/14
    H.C. Plank Floor    80 days          Mon 2/3/14            Fri 5/23/14
    Mechanical              64 days           Mon 5/26/14         Thu 8/21/14
    Roof, Joists, Deck 30 days           Mon 4/21/14         Fri 5/30/14
    Windows                    30 days          Mon 4/28/14         Fri 6/6/14
    Doors                         30 days          Mon 4/28/14          Fri 6/6/14
    Fire Suppression    30 days          Mon 6/2/14             Fri 7/11/14
    Fire Alarm                 30 days          Mon 6/9/14             Fri 7/18/14
    Landscaping             15 days           Mon 5/19/14           Fri 6/6/14  2
    Playground               15 days          Mon 7/7/14              Fri 7/25/14
    Interior                     54 days          Mon 6/9/14              Thu 8/21/14
    Final Inspection      0 days           Fri 8/22/14               Fri 8/22/14
    Remove Portable    5 days           Fri 8/22/14               Thu 8/28/14
    Waste Enclosure    10 days          Fri 8/29/14              Thu 9/11/14

    You plan and they plan and

    Allah is the best of planners.


    This shows what is underneath the freshly paved parking lot!

    This shows what is underneath the freshly paved parking lot!

    The finishing touches on the parking lot.

    The finishing touches on the parking lot.


    First Grade


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