Why Michigan Islamic Academy?

  • All parents wish to provide the best possible education for their child.  At Michigan Islamic Academy, we believe the most important investment you can make for your child’s future is an Islamic education. Our mission is to provide excellence in education while nurturing Muslim Character.
  • At MIA we show students their world from an Islamic perspective.  It is our goal to preserve the religious and cultural identity of our students as reflected in their Islamic beliefs and values. We, at MIA, take this responsibility seriously, creating an atmosphere where students feel loved, safe and nurtured as well as academically encouraged.
  • We provide our Muslim students with an environment where they can practice their religion and find role models for Islamic behavior and attitude, thus equipping them with the confidence needed to make sound decisions in challenging circumstances.
  • Our highly qualified teachers intentionally integrate faith and academics in the classroom. We strive to pass on the Islamic heritage to all our students.  Research reveals that students who are enrolled in faith based schools are significantly less prone to risky behavior, have increased self-confidence, better decision making skills, and a more positive outlook on the future
  • Michigan Islamic Academy offers a well-rounded curriculum; teaching all core subjects including Honors and Advanced Placement classes in High School.
  • High school students have several options for college level classes – Washtenaw Community College courses in English and Math are taught at MIA, for both high school and college credit.  Eastern Michigan University partners with MIA in the Early College Alliance Program for students to attend EMU classes for college credit while in high school. Dual enrolled status is also available for seniors who are able to take college courses for both high school and college credit.
  • MIA has a fully staffed Department of Islamic studies where the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as understood by Ahl-U-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, are taught as well as Arabic Language.
  • Our MEAP scores are consistently higher than Ann Arbor Public Schools and statewide Michigan schools.
  • Michigan Islamic Academy presents a partnership with parents as they endeavor to fulfill their duty as Muslims by responsibly educating their child. Choosing MIA, parents demonstrate the importance of Islamic values in education, indeed, in all aspects of life.
  • MIA is committed to making high quality, Islamic education available to all families in our community, providing an excellent education at affordable tuition.