MIA Board of Education

Board meetings are open to community  and are usually held every third Sunday morning, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Minutes are available by request to president@mia-aa.org 

Board Members

President – Br. Jamal Al-Aref at president@mia-aa.org
Vice President – Br. Marwan Tayeh at vicepresident@mia-aa.org
Secretary – Br. Yazeed Alshihabi at secretary@mia-aa.org
Treasurer – Br. Emad Tanbour at treasurer@mia-aa.org
School Improvement Committee Head -Br. Mohamed Boudalia at school_improvement@mia-aa.org
MIA Principal – Fayzeh Madani
MIA Teacher Representative – Sr. Iman Ali

Members of the Michigan Islamic Academy Board of Education serve a three year term in office.